The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Jin Shin Jyutsu by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte is available on Amazon.com. It is a fine introduction to the physio-philosophy that is Jin Shin Jyutsu. The Touch of Healing offers clear directions for very effective self-help. 

If you are interested in exploring the rich resources of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help, I also recommend that you consider purchasing Mary Burmeister’s three self-help books, available though the Jin Shin Jyutsu web site.

Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous by Tienko Ting and William Spear is available on Amazon.com. It is a fascinating exploration of the nature of chi.

  1. “Tienko is that rare breed of teacher who doesn’t tell you what to do or what to think, a healer who recognizes that all healing comes from within . . . .

  2. This book will not ask you to believe anything. The truth is always much simpler than that. Natural Chi Movement is as close to the source as you will ever experience, and what awaits you is nothing less than an opportunity of a lifetime.”

  3. —William Spear (from his Foreword to Natural Chi Movement)

Being Home: Discovering the Spiritual in the Everyday by Gunilla Norris is available on Amazon.com. Greta had the privilege of creating the photographs for the interior of this fine book of meditations.

  1. “This is the single best book I know on the subject of the sacrament of the present moment, and a great work of devotional literature.”

  2. —M. Scott Peck, MD

  3. “There is hardly a line in these instructions for praying through the day that does not alert the heart to the fathomless Mystery of everyday things and activities. Being Home radiates common sense—not in the conventional meaning of this phrase, but with all its over- and undertones. It is a masterpiece, a book that needs to be savored, a book to live with. And Greta Sibley’s photographs are domestic theophanies.”

  4. —Brother David Steindl-Rast

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